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Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Bracelet


Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by difficulty in communication and social interaction. Autism impacts very early on and although there’s no cure for it, early intervention and treatment is crucial for the improvement of the diverse symptoms related to it. On average Autism will cost a family $60,000 per year, despite that Autism is the fastest growing, yet the most underfunded developmental disorder.

With every purchase of the Autism Puzzle Piece bracelet you will help aid people with Autism in being able to get the support they need in order to lead full, enriched lives.

The Autism Awareness Puzzle piece bracelet includes a silver plated bangle bracelet with a silver plated puzzle piece and ribbon charm. This bracelet fits most female wrist sizes using an open and close clasp hinge.

This accessory is packaged in our signature black box with a certificate of authenticity. 


  • 1 Silver Plated Bangle Bracelet
  • 1 Silver Plated Puzzle Piece Charm
  • 1 Silver Plated Ribbon Charm


A portion of proceeds is donated towards Autism research with every purchase.