What is the Ashley Bridget Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program allows third parties, like you, to place links, ads, and other types of visual references on your website(s), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest Board to direct traffic to Affiliates earn money when customers use associate referrals to make purchases on our website. It’s a win-win situation! Our program is based off of a Cost-per-Action structure, where we pay the associate a commission on the total sales (not just clicks) he or she drives to

Sign Up in 3 Simple Steps

1)      Sign up to be an associate under the Refersion network. Ashley Bridget IP uses this network to manage all of its affiliates.  

2)      Once approved, use the Ashley Bridget media package and voucher codes provided, and share it with your viewers in what ever way you see fit.

3)      Make money when a customer clicks on links or products through your website and completes a purchase!




    • How much does it cost to be an affiliate?

    Nothing! The entry to be an affiliate is absolutely free. After you are accepted into the program, you can earn money every time you drive a sale to

    • How do I get paid? And how often?

    You will get paid according to all completed sales customers make through your your links. Affiliates are paid at an 10% Cost-per-Action (CPA) commission rate for each completed sale. Our Affiliates are paid once a week. The funds are transferred from our Paypal account to yours, so make sure you have a Paypal account set up.

    • What is the cookie duration, and what the heck does cookie duration mean? tracking cookies last 30 days. If a user is directed to through an affiliate’s efforts and returns within 30 days to make a purchase, you will earn the commission.

    • Can I be an affiliate on behalf of more than one site?

    Absolutely! An associate is allowed to own more than one site. You may also be an associate that manages sub affiliates.

    • Are affiliates allowed to partake in business overseas?

    Yes, affiliates are allowed to do business worldwide.

    • Can an international website be an associate?

    The Affiliate program does accept international associates. We ship world wide.

    • Does Ashley Bridget allow reseller customers and associates?

    No, Ashley Bridget and the Affiliates Program do not permit reseller activity.

    • Does Ashley Bridget partner with loyalty incentive, coupon, or discount based associates?

    Yes, Ashley Bridget does partner with loyalty incentive, coupon, or discount based affiliates.

    • When does reverse commissions? has the ability to reverse commissions when a customer’s purchase is returned or activity occurs that is outside the limits of our program terms.

    • How do I sign up?

    All who wish to be an affiliate must enroll through Refersion. You can go here to sign up. If you are already an Ashley Bridget affiliate member, you can log in here.

    • How do I create links?

    Smart links are available after enrolling with Refersion. 

    • How will you know that orders came from my site?

    Ashley Bridget IP works with Refersion to drop a 30-day cookie on a customer’s computer when visiting from an associate site. A pixel is also fired to track the customer’s transactions.

    • Does the Affiliates program offer exclusive coupons for its associates?

    Yes, the Associates program offers an exclusive 50% off discount code for its affiliates. You can also contact us to receive custom voucher codes for the collections of your choice, and even have someone from our creative team make custom images and banners for you!

    • What type of strategies can I use to generate sales to
      • Choose one of our banners and link straight to our home page, collections or product pages
      • Recommend specific accessories by reviewing our products
      • Have another idea? Let us know